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The Unicorn Mind

A journey into the depths of the mind


About Me

María Alexandra graduated from the Metropolitan University with a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology, completed her Master's Degree in Psychotherapy for Mental Health and Well-being at New York University, and completed higher studies in psychoanalysis at the CID Caracas. Additionally, he studied Sports and Performance Psychology at Florida Universitària. She is registered as a psychologist in the Federation of Psychologists of Venezuela and is an associate of the NEL Caracas.


Adult and Adolescent Specialist

Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety and depression are common amongst adults and young populations...

Greater Self-Knowledge

To have a deeper understanding of the "self" can be enlighting as well as empowering...


The compulsive and uncontrolled engagement: use and abuse of legal/illegal substances, videogaming...


The issues related to infertility and difficulties in conceiving can be quite challenging...


Interpersonal relationships can be complex. In many cases, there are unresolved internal issues...

Sports & Performance

When migrating, there is inevitably something that is lost, as well as something that is gained...

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